All This, For That?

Wall3Final WallTo say I’m disappointed would not be entirely accurate. I had few expectations. But still I felt compelled to ask, all this, for that?

I suppose as an exercise the sampling had some merit —even a touch of poetry.

Yes, a little merit—no more than that which was demanded—as we’re talking about the side-street wall of a commercial building, which no one takes much notice of as they pass—almost always talking or texting. There was no intent to add anything of note or anything decorative on the wall. The building itself is notable only for its mass and a few Art Deco decorations, which are, or so I’ve observed, largely unnoticed.

Nevertheless, as I walked passed the building on my way to the bank or to the post office or to the # 1 train, I enjoyed the pleasure of observing and documenting something of the work of serious minded men and women.

All This, For That?

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