From “The Names.”

EndNotes(From Yellow Book, 20 Years Hard Labor, a half life in Advertising.)


There is Pamela Burlingham, who came with me from the West.

Robert McDowell, c/o The Reaper.

Ina Kahn, a woman of whom I have no recollection.

Steve Cardin, a man I knew over drinks.

Judy Wold, a headhunter,

I would not know her now if she were handing me a bowl of soup.

Ben Bova, a sci-fi writer and Editor of Omni.

Lyle Greenfield, a copy chief at Compton who would become a vintner.

Sally Patterson, Telly Talley, Kathryn Murphy.

Hildy Smith.

I wish I could say they were muses or priestesses

I suspect they were headhunters and recruiters.

Kate Baum returned home to the City to begin again.

John Good came to play the part of Jay Gatsby.

Jerry Saperstein, who? A colleague of my father’s

One of a legion of men who will buy me lunch

A drink and make a call or two to fulfill an obligation.

VieriAlexGeofRAS  (My birthday at Carolla’s, 1996.)

Aimee Su from Pink and Blue

Jay Chiat whose fame brought him East.

Mary Margaret Scribner who watched my pennies, nickels and dimes.

Kyri Watson, a contact having to do with a job for Otis.

Leo Castelli, Gabrielle Bryers, Rolando Pena, explained to me the business of art.

Kirsten Demott, her name is next to the word “lunch.”


Mr. Kuriyama, Creative Director, Dentsu, New York

Wore black turtlenecks under tailored blacks suits or navy blazers.

We talked of this and that over many years.

On a Thursday afternoon we met to discuss a job for me.

We made an appointment to meet the following Tuesday.

He died that Saturday in Tokyo, a brain aneurysm.

Memorial services were held inside the soft, pastel interior

Of the Unitarian Church on Lexington.

Guests were invited to lay a white lily at the base of a portrait.

Carla Edwards, another name without a face or fragrance.

John Fisher, after I saw him I went to see Badlands.


Burt Minkoff and I had lunch on Tuesday, February 4, 1981.

That night I attended an opening at MOMA and shook a Mrs. Rockefeller’s hand.

(She was, I remember, gracious.)

Dean Harris, I don’t remember.

Herb Brown, a kindly old man who dispensed advice to lost young men

Who came for work and not advice.

DoorTags (Some of many cards and door plates.)


The search for work begins again, again.

Ron Kaplan at Dun & Bradstreet. Down to 28 Park Place to see him.

A Don Egensteiner at Marsteller.

Joe Sacco and the notation, “School of Visual Art.”

Julie Robbins.

Milton Hertz at Creamer on the 27th floor.

Frasier Purdy of Y&R had nothing for me.

I remember waiting in the lobby for him to see, thinking,

I could fit in here. (I was deceived by my blue blazer and coal gray trousers.)

Walter Behanke, of the Creative Directors, advertising for the entertainment business.

I wrote for him this line for the movie The Priest of Love:

“Who hears the confessions of the Priest of Love.”

From “The Names.”