From “The Names” 2

RRunner  RRunner2 (A postcard sent to me from one of two German Women I met in Ireland 1976, I received it after I returned to U.C.S.C. I foolishly never followed up.)

1982. Haphazard but not indiscriminate.

Drop off copy and invoice at Frankfurt.

Pryor Dodge, a Malvolio manqué. He had played the Flute in Paris, acted with the Comedia del’arte, studied mural painting and was so enamoured by Tango he bought a place in Buenos Aires. A collector and expert on vintage bicycles.

5:00 meeting/cocktails with Mini Hickman.

Dinner Party at Robin’s, no, no other name or identifying feature.

Call M.Gill, D. Cicero, K. Johnson.

Kate Augenblick’s opening.

A M.Marks at Madelyn’s

Walter Benke.

Tuesday the 12th: Jeff Brosk at 12. At 2:30 Edwardo. At 5:15, my father at Hemsley Palace.

Michael Marks, Jane Hartford, Susan Halpern, I would not recognize one of them
If he or she was sitting opposite me on the 1 train.

Call Dan Chamber.

Who is Mr. Lioacono? An address on Lexington Avenue.

A reminder to call Dan Chambers. Who is Dan Chambers?

My father’s cousin Eddy and his wife Carol.
My father’s cousin Stuart and his wife Phyllis.

Debra, no last name or distinguishing mark.

9:00 with Dan Chambers. Bruce’s b’day. Lunch with Tom Murphy.

John Bloomingthal of Benton Bowles, later that same day, John Washington.

Dinner Debra et al.

Breakfast with Jason. Dinner with Bruce. To the Lear party with Karl Johnson.

A Sunday appointment with Robin and Co.

Jay Chiat said, “Call me when you’re serious about advertising”.
I replied. “Jay, I’ll never be that serious.” 

11:00 Luckett & Slover. John Luckett. Susan Slover.
Call John LaRock, Josh Aronson, Leo Kelmonson.

George Hitchcock, poet, publisher, grand old man, mentor.
John Digby, poet, artist. Introduced by George Hitchcock.

Was she the Iranian beauty, who said, “I’m sorry, Robert, but you can’t afford me,
But don’t worry, I’ll find the right girl for you.”

Wednesday, February 17, cocktail party at the Four Seasons.
Later, dinner with my father and the Andersons (CEO of Mattel & his too-blonde daughter).

To Mrs. Hickman to develop Poor Little Rich Girls.

A 10:00 with Bern Chertok. Lunch with Julie Robbins.
(Who will marry, and is now divorced from, Joe Pierson).

1:00  Jack Muth, then dinner With Jason Yowell and Chris Avilson, the director’s nephew.

February 25, Debra’s Play. A writer, actress, director?
All of the above? Did we go to bed afterwards.?

A date with Kathy Anderson, there was no chemistry.

Bill Klein at his studio at 100 Fifth. Katherine at 8:30.

11:00 with Minnie Hickman and Bill Gaddis, Minnie wants Cassatt to option  J.R.
Gaddis, another unhappy writer.

March 18, 1982, Jodi Lister.

Cyril Christo throws a party.

1:00 Bill Klein later, Katie Baum for John Good’s b’day.

Call Tomo. 10:00 Gabrielle Bryers. 3:00 a J. Anderson.

6:00 Kate Baum.

7:30 dinner with Karl Johnson whose days and nights are numbered.

12:00 with Piet Verbec, of OMII, another dead end.

Call Lyle Greenfield at Compton. 2:30 Karl Johnson.

6:00 the name, Christian, and a number. Bud Konheim’s kid?

Penny Burrows. Bob Stevenson—grains of sand.

Ken Duskin asks me, “How are you set for dough?”
I replied, if I were set for dough we wouldn’t be talking.

A new day. No one cares whether I eat or not.

Some time later, when Mr. Duskin is my boss at K&E,
He will swing by my office and tell me to hang in.
At that moment, I decide if I have his job in ten years, I will cut my wrists.

Bill Bancroft, Billy Bancroft, William Woodward Bancroft.

His girlfriend’s name was Laura Blair.

Dinner with Pryor Dodge.

5:00 Philip G.

10:30 with M. Hickman at 1 East 66th.

4:00 George Friedman, former president of Aramis, former president Ralph Lauren
He made a fortune when that company was sold to Cosmir.
An old friend of my father’s.
George was kind enough to make calls and introductions on my behalf.

I make the acquaintance of Walter Peters, Unicorn Group at 1 University.
The big man would pick up the tab for the table of 10.
A financial adviser, a showman.
Once upon a time, he took me to his safe house, a mid-block tenement off 8th Street.
Often, we closed the bar, only to continue drinking at a local Greek diner
Kind enough to keep a cabinet open for us.
He’d finish with a plate of French fries, claiming the grease absorbed the alcohol
And restored him to sobriety.
At dawn, sun at our backs, we’d go to the newsstand at 6th and 8th, where he’d buy
The Times, the WSJ, The Post and other papers.
I’d walk him to his house on 10th and then go home to mine at 29 Fifth.

Years later, I met a Japanese associate of my father’s for breakfast at the Intercontinental
Or, was it the Drake/Swiss Hotel?
___ San said, I’ve invited a very interesting man to join us.
As we waited in the lobby I saw Walter come up.
He saw me and turned white
Wondering how on earth I knew this important man—
At the Time the Japanese were buying New York—
And, what stories I might have told.
I told no stories.

CBCarola2 (Charlotte B. and  Doug Welsh at  my Birthday Party at Carola’s.)

Philip at Gavin’s at 5:00.

Tomo again, but this time a clue, I’m to meet him at GB’s.

1:30 Sherman Ginsberg, Jeff Bowman.

Jack Muth of 20th Century Fox. Call Ted Troll.

Call Patty at Castelli and pick up check.

7:00 drinks with Bill Bancroft. Dinner Jeff Bowman.

12:30 lunch at Billy’s on 1st with Minnie Hickman.

Drinks with Courtney Burr, who deserves more than a mention.

Charles Nelson Reilly introduced us in L.A.,
Or it may have been in San Diego where Charles was directing an Opera.
I think, La Traviata.
The evening Pamela and I arrived in New York, we joined Courtney
His fabulous theater friends—men in pearls, Divas and Dames—
For the Broadway Premiere of HAROLD & MAUDE.

The evening started with cocktails at the Plaza,
Then limousines to the theater.
(It was silent film star Janet Gaynor’s theatrical debut.)
After the show, Sardi’s, eating drinking until the Times review appeared.

The critics murdered the musical.
Still the party continued at a penthouse on Sutton Place until the sun came up.
Years and years since I’ve seen or heard from Courtney.

George Friedman. A note. April 9. Party.

Roland Pena was an artist from Venezuela
Whose themes were blood and oil and whose installations
55-gallon oil drums, too real and dangerous to be art.

Tax Day with M.M. Scribner.

Call Hickman in Palm Beach. Lunch with Bill Bancroft.

Call T. Troll. Cliff Singer. An artist?

Jochiem, an eccentric who came and went over the years.

A party at Larry Rivers.

Jim Jacobs for lunch—hoping to sell his lacquered screens
And hammers to collectors in LA.

Pryor Dodge.

A poker game with the regulars: Dan D’Amelio, Joe

Pierson, John Glascoe, Peter Kreutzer.

4:30 George Friedman. My father, Donald Sawyer, in town.

Jeff Brosk. Ken Duskin.

Ken Duskin at K&E.

10:30 M.M.Scribner.

RASAB(Discipline at Arnell/Bickford on Grand Street. I forget the name of the tall handsome executioner and also the Black woman playing Madam Defarge,)

Wendy Burden returns from Le Cordon Bleu
Throws a birthday party for John Good.
121 Prince.
I bring hot dogs from a street vendor and Devil Dogs
I also meet Lisa Maxwell.

Arnold Weinstein demonstrates how to be known and unknown at the same time.

Karl Johnson. 10:00 Minnie at Office. 8:00 Jason. 10:00 party at Larry River’s.

10:00 Lisa Zumwalt at Washington Square Park. 5:00 Michael S-V.

Claire Crawford. Did I know her so many years ago?

Did Michel Del Sol introduce us at one of his summer solstice parties?

3:00 Arnold Weinstein at his apartment at 410 Riverside Drive.

Judy Southern at K&E. Claire’s show up on Madison.

George Culver, no idea.

Meeting with Minnie H. on Saturday before she leaves for London.
Lady Catto’s number in Mayfair, London
Mother of Innes Catto, Chivas House, Aberdeenshire.

Dinner with Bill Bancroft at his place.

Lisa Zumwalt disappeared and reappeared with some regularity.

Call Bill Bancroft. Lunch with Tom Murphy.

Meet with Rainer Gross to discuss Simon sale.

Note to self: Bring a small gift.

Lunch with Courtney Burr. Meet with Minnie Hickman.

A party at Jennifer’s. Rainer’s number at Larry River’s carriage house.

Lunch with Halliby Mahler. Dinner with John Giordano.

Weekend at Hickman’s in South Hampton.

On June 29, returned a script to Howard Goldberg.

On the 30th Arnold’s play opens.

Alex’s (Alex Friedman?) party at 1000 Park.

Jeff Bowman, global banker?

An address for Jodi Lister’s mother in Des Moines.

5:00 meeting with W. Gaddis, B. Bancroft and M. Hickman.

Did I really meet with a Tom Karg? A Larry Rodman? A Gary Stein?
Names, names names, nothing

A Larry Rosenburg?

Dinner with Pamela Burlingham.

YBookWeb2 (Proofing 20 YEARS HARD LABOR, A HALF LIFE IN ADVERTISING aka The Yellow Book.)





From “The Names” 2

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