From “The Names.”

EndNotes(From Yellow Book, 20 Years Hard Labor, a half life in Advertising.)


There is Pamela Burlingham, who came with me from the West.

Robert McDowell, c/o The Reaper.

Ina Kahn, a woman of whom I have no recollection.

Steve Cardin, a man I knew over drinks.

Judy Wold, a headhunter,

I would not know her now if she were handing me a bowl of soup.

Ben Bova, a sci-fi writer and Editor of Omni.

Lyle Greenfield, a copy chief at Compton who would become a vintner.

Sally Patterson, Telly Talley, Kathryn Murphy.

Hildy Smith. Continue reading “From “The Names.””

From “The Names.”