KISS and SELL: Writing for Advertising

ISBN-13: 9782940373468

Published 5/28/2004 by AVA Publishing
Republished: 8/1/2006 by Bloomsbury Academic
Edition number: 1
Pages: 184
Product dimensions: 8.82 (w) x 11.82 (h) x 0.78 (d)

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She had a very good run. Now shelved. File under: Ephemera.

My book, Kiss & Sell: Writing for Advertising (redesigned & rekissed) is now out of print in the U.S.

It was originally conceived for everyone who wanted to learn to write copy because they loved words and what words can accomplish — in the marketplace, on the street, or in bed.

Now, it appears the industry has little faith in words to persuade, or encourage love or empathy. Rather it has embraced diabolical digital images and effects, native media, videos that flatter a consumer’s vanity, ignorance, or boredom. They want drone-like targeting that pulverizes the consciousness of moving targets.

If, however, you still believe in the power of words to seduce and wow and win, you can order Kiss & Sell: Writing for Advertising from secondary sources, and used copies at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Check WorldCat to see if there’s a copy at your local library.