Cast a Spell – Aramis (1994–1995*)

The Aramis brand was more in need of a resurrection than resuscitation. Estée Lauder, the parent company, had all but given up on this disagreeable child and, as it was also in the habit of spending great sums on its commercials, it had not even considered TV for the vanishing brand.

I promised them a spot featuring my fabulous Aramis Woman, for less than $100,000. I then begged, borrowed and called in every favor to make it happen. (This included giving Anita Madeira the chance to make her first commercial spot, which she agree to do without a fee.)

It aired in Dallas during a Cowboy playoff game. Aramis sold that weekend more product than they normally did in during the Holiday Season. Longer versions of this spot ran on monitors set up at Aramis counters in a 1,000 department stores, while print newspaper ads, announcing the appearance of the Aramis Woman, brought 1,000s of men to the store to pose for photographs, take home an autograph and to propose marriage.

The work turned a sizeable profit for a brand that had been unprofitable for a decade.

* The presence of the dates above is to explain the absence of today’s digital-special effects’ magic. All work but the R/GA video were shot on film. Please focus on the problem/solution aspect of the work and not on their lack of resemblance to something you saw last night that snapped, crackled and popped in your eyeballs, and/or guts.

Cast a Spell – Aramis (1994–1995*)

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