Entice – Revlon/Germaine Monteil (1988-1989)

A typical Arnell Story. One morning, without warning, Peter dropped a tape on my desk, in the basement of 100 Grand Street (what he liked to call the second floor) and asked me to write a script for a lunchtime meeting with the client. I had not seen the rough cut of the Germaine Monteil spot and I had no idea there was a meeting.

So, I plugged it into a player and watched the cut two or three times and then wrote the script based on the footage.

The client loved it and then Peter and I refined the rough and within a day I hired a man to sound, as best he could, like Maurice Chavalier, and went to the recording studio to lay down the sound.

The film was originally conceived as an in-store video, running on endless loop, but we were able to cut a couple of lovely TV spots out of it.

Entice – Revlon/Germaine Monteil (1988-1989)

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