Time Is Not On Our Side

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We do not work in stone although we may use stones to make a point. No, we work with ideas, and ideas, even the best ideas, even brilliant ideas, have a shelf life. The shelf life may be as brief as that of a baguette or as enduring as a loaf of Wonder Bread, but a shelf life all the same.

Early in my career, ideas, and the media we used to express them, may have been employed for as long as two years. Taglines and positionings might last a decade. Today, ideas may blossom only once like the flower Queen of the Night. And words, our precious words, read under the unforgiving and quick-to-punish light of new prohibitions and readings, have all the weight of a fledgling. Continue reading “Time Is Not On Our Side”


I Surrender to the Privileging of Digital Media

I will concede here and now the privileging of digital images over the physical representation of ideas, desires and ambitions. From this day on I repudiate my faith in printed objects for the purpose of advertising, or for collateral, or promotions.

As of yesterday, March 27, 2016, my attachment to paper has exceeded its shelf life. Yes, I played the fool for too long. I have tossed my printed words and denounce the media that confined them as completely as the bars of the cage that tore the heart out of Rilke’s panther.

(Work from top right and circling clockwise: R/Greenberg Assoc.-R/GA, Rothstein Kass, TDK, Otis Elevator, Assorted work, & Polk)

I Surrender to the Privileging of Digital Media