Video / Storytelling

Entice – Revlon/Germaine Monteil (1988-1989)

A typical Arnell Story. One morning, without warning, Peter dropped a tape on my desk, in the basement of 100 Grand Street (what he liked to call the second floor) and asked me to write a script for a lunchtime meeting with the client. I had not seen the rough cut of the Germaine Monteil […]

Provoke – A Current Affair (1991-1993)

Alexander Davidis invited me to write the script for this film that repositioned what was once the hottest, if most controversial, syndicated news show. Over time, a tsunami of criticism had eroded A Current Affair’s credibility and the show was seriously at risk of being cancelled. This film, created for station managers and TV executives, […]

Cast a Spell – Aramis (1994–1995*)

The Aramis brand was more in need of a resurrection than resuscitation. Estée Lauder, the parent company, had all but given up on this disagreeable child and, as it was also in the habit of spending great sums on its commercials, it had not even considered TV for the vanishing brand. I promised them a […]

Define – Lonza (1995-1996)

Alexander Davidis invited me to write the script for this 16-minute film (two-minute sample here). The client, Lonza, a Swiss chemical company, was struggling to define itself in the global marketplace as more than a generic supplier of chemical products. I developed the positioning “Products for products” and introduced the notion of “customer focused” to […]

Reinvent – R/GA (1999–2003)

This was a little film made for an award show. A few leading interactive agencies were invited to say something about what they do, and how they do it, and how they were fundamentally different from their peers. The montage execution came out of the positioning of R/GA as a creative factory, staffed by teams […]